What is Adaptive.js?

Adaptive.js is an adaptive templating framework that allows you to dynamically transform your website for smartphone, tablet, and other devices.

With Adaptive.js, there is a direct connection between your web server and your visitors. This is true whether your visitors use their desktop computer or a mobile device. On mobile devices, your Mobify bundle is activated. The bundle is a set of JavaScript instructions that optimize your site's layout and performance. Customize the optimization to suit your target devices.

A. The Benefits of Adaptive.js

a. The Same Set of HTML

When content changes on the original site, there is an immediate effect on mobile. Your new blog posts or sale promotions go live on desktop and on mobile at the same time, because the mobile site is based on the desktop HTML.

b. One URL

Your site visitors see the adapted experience with the same URL, no matter what device they are using. So when someone posts a link on Twitter from their smartphone, followers of that Twitter account see the optimized view of that site when they click that link. This happens whether the followers open the link on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

c. JavaScript Adaptations

Because the same URL is used on all devices, the behaviour of your site is enhanced using front-end JavaScript, rather than through a proxy server. This is in line with Google's responsive web design recommendation to add device-specific optimization using JavaScript.

Now that you know the basics of Adaptive.js, Learn how Adaptive.js works.

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