Testing Conversion Flows

Conversion is the most vital aspect of your mobile e-commerce site. Ensure that the checkout flow on your site works in all circumstances.

This checklist guides you through the key aspects of the conversion test.

A. Staging Workflow

Staging is useful for previews and tests. However, you always want the checkout flow to work in the real world for your site visitors. For this reason, only use staging to verify items that are not practical in production.

Test the checkout completion flow and the reservation flow in staging.

Staging is not recommended as a reliable test environment.

The final checkout flow needs to be done on the production server.

a. Checkout Flow

Verify that your site visitors can complete checkout successfully, from the main page to the confirmation page.

Test the checkout flow with the following scenarios:

b. Reservation Flow

Verify that the reservation flow for hotel or travel sites allows your visitors to complete their bookings successfully.

If you are going through the reservation flow on the production server, remember to cancel your order immediately after the test.

B. Production Workflow

Ensure that you test each of these usage scenarios for your mobile site.

a. Search Flow

Begin with the initial search form submission.

Follow through until the "Add to Cart" phase to eliminate possible errors.

b. Wishlist Flow

Start by adding several items to a wishlist.

Then add the items to cart from the wishlist.

Proceed with the checkout flow.

c. Cart Flow

Begin with a simple "Add to Cart" with several items.

Then selectively remove some of these items from the cart.

Edit the quantity of the items in the cart.

Change the size or color of the items in the cart, where the options are available.

d. Unsuccessful Checkout Flow

Purposely cause the checkout to fail, in both the scenario of a registered site user that is signed in, and as a guest.

After the failure, inspect the following error elements:

Visually confirm that the style of all of these error elements is consistent.

Visual Testing Read about error element styling in our Visual Testing Checklist.

e. Store Location

Test the "Store Pickup" option on your mobile site delivery page.

Do the test first with the location service enabled on the mobile device. Repeat the test with the location service disabled.

If the “Find in Store” function is available on product description page, create a separate flow to test this feature from that page as the starting point.

Check that the map and direction features display correctly.

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