Roll Back to a Previous Bundle

If you want your mobile site to go back to a previously published bundle, roll back to that version.

1. In your web browser, go to Mobify Cloud at

2. In the Projects section, under the Adaptive.js heading, click on your Adaptive.js project name.

In the "Published Bundle" box, the current bundle is displayed.

Previously Published Bundles To see the detailed history of all of the bundles that were published for this project, click the "Publish History" link button in the "Published Bundle" box. Examine this list to select the bundle to revert to.

The "Bundles" section lists all of the bundles created in this Adaptive.js project.

3. In the "Bundles" section, hover over the bundle you want to revert to.

4. Click the “Publish” button.

Your mobile site rolls back to a previously deployed version.

The current bundle that you had prior to this step is still kept on the Mobify Cloud for you to switch to at another time.

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