Push a Bundle

When your project is ready for production, push your bundle to Mobify Cloud.

To push bundle to the Mobify Cloud you must first:

Open a terminal, navigate to your Adaptive.js project folder, and run the push Grunt task:

# Push a bundle with an optional message.
grunt push --message 'Mobile 1.0.1: Refactor menu.'

Bundle messages are displayed in the Mobify Cloud. Great bundle messages communicate new features or changes contained in the bundle.

When push completes, you will see a message in your terminal.

Solutions to Common Challenges

Project Not Found

HTTP 401: Unauthorized

Ensure your account has permission to deploy the project.

HTTP 413: Request Entity Too Large

The size of the bundle you are pushing is too big! The maximum size for bundles is 35 megabytes. You can check the size of a bundle by inspecting the build folder within your project.

If your project is nearing this amount it is best to proactively start taking action and reducing the bundle size:

Once you've done this, try pushing the bundle again.

My adaptive.js file is loading slowly

Ensure your adaptation.min.js file is not larger than 2 megabytes. If it is larger than 2 megabytes, it will not be gzipped by the Mobify CDN, which will impact page speed.

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