Pre-Launch Checklist

Verify these areas before you publish your new bundle.

Place special emphasis on the verification of the conversion flow. Even a minor change to your site bundle is a risk to breaking this most vital flow. Ensure that in all circumstances, your site visitors are able to go through the checkout successfully.

A. Verify the Conversion Flow

A full conversion workflow for a standard e-commerce site flows somewhat like this:

Homepage → "Category List" page → "Product" page → "Add to Cart" action and or page → possible "Sign In" flow → Cart → Checkout

If you have test data on hand, complete the purchase.

If you do not have test data, use invalid credit card information and submit until you receive a "Credit Card Declined" error.

B. Test the Bundle Functionality on an External Network

Use a proxy service, cell data (3G, LTE) connection, or any type of connection that does not use a local internal IP address.

C. Verify the Analytics

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