Build Without a Mobify Tag Installed

Follow this tutorial to temporarily bypass the installation of the Mobify Tag while you build your mobile site.

Build your site without installing a Mobify tag if:

Install the Mobify Tag before you launch the mobile site. This tutorial allows you to temporarily build your site while you install the tag.

1. Download Charles

Charles is a web debugging proxy application. We can use it to inject the Mobify tag on your site, using its Rewrite Tool, when accessing your site on your computer.

This does not inject the tag for your site visitors — just for your computer.

Download Charles

2. Get the Mobify Tag

You have access the Mobify Tag at any time. To retrieve the tag, follow these steps.

  1. In your browser, go to Mobify Cloud at

  2. Click on your Adaptive.js project.

  3. On the "Bundles/Configure" link button cluster, click the "Configure" link button.

  4. In the side menu links, click "Tag".

  5. Scroll down to the "Install Tag" section, then copy the Mobify Tag from the HTML in the text box.

3. Add the Charles Rewrite Rule

1. Open Charles.

2. On the Charles menu bar, navigate to the "Tools" menu.

3. In the "Tools" menu, select the "Rewrite" menu option.

4. In the "Rewrite Settings" dialog box, enable the “Enable Rewrite” toggle.

5. Also in the "Rewrite Settings" dialog box, under the "Sets" section, click the "Add" button to create a new rewrite rule.

6. In the "Name" form field, type in the name of the new rewrite rule.

7. Under the "Locations" section, click the "Add" button.

Edit Location Dialog Box

8. In the "Edit Location"* dialog box, leave all of the form fields blank, except for the "Host"** form field.

9. In the "Host" form filed, enter the URL of your site:

10. Click the "OK" button.

11. In the "Rewrite Settings" dialog box, under the "Rules" section, click the "Add" button to create the actual rule.

12. In the "Rewrite Rule" dialog box, enter these values into their respective form fields:

13. Click the "OK" button to set these values in the "Rewrite Rule" dialog box.

14. In the "Rewrite Settings" dialog box, click the "Apply" button. Then click the "OK" button.

Leave the Charles application open to run for the next step.

4. Verify Tag Spoofing

  1. In your local computer browser, go to your website.

  2. Check the page source to verify that the Mobify tag is now in the <head> section.

It takes a moment for spoofing to activate. Spoofing occurs only on your local computer that is running Charles.

Now you have enabled the Mobify tag spoofing on your site on your local computer! Visitors that access your site over the internet still do not have the Mobify tag. Make sure that you install the Mobify tag before you deploy your mobile site.

Previewing Follow the Preview your Project on a Device or Preview your Project tutorials to preview your site.

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