2. Check Automated CircleCI Tests

Check the results of Nightwatch.js tests on project bundles in Cloud in CircleCI.

CircleCI provides the continuous integration for Mobify's project bundles in Mobify Cloud.

Users with administrative permissions on the project in GitHub add each project to CircleCI, either at the initial project set up phase or at a later time. Then CircleCI performs the same Nightwatch.js automated test as on a local desktop machine except on Circle's machines.

Add a Project to CircleCI Work through the Add a Project to CircleCI with CircleCI tutorial.

The CircleCI configuration circle.yml file template contains some commands that are now familiar to you: npm install, grunt preview, grunt nightwatch.

        - gem install sass compass:
            timeout: 600
        - npm install:
            timeout: 600
        - chmod 755 ./node_modules/nightwatch-commands/selenium/drivers/chromedriver:
            timeout: 10

        - grunt preview:
            background: true
            timeout: 120
        - sleep 5
        - grunt nightwatch:
            timeout: 600

Check Test Results on CircleCI

Follow these steps to check the results of the automated Nightwatch.js test.

1. Click on the upper right hand "Log In" link to sign in to CircleCi at with your GitHub account credentials.

2. On the left-hand side menu, select the "Add Projects" menu option.

3. On the "Add Projects" page, under the "Your Organizations" section, click the "mobify" link.

If you are Mobify partner, select your company name instead.

4. On the "Start following your projects" page, filter or scroll for your project repository.

5. Click the "Follow" button beside the repository name.

The side bar loads with all of the branch activities for that project.

In the side bar under the project name, the Nightwatch.js tests that recently ran on the project are listed. The successful ones have a green checkmark indicator and failed attempts have a red cross.

6. Click on each test name to investigate its output log.

CircleCI has the option to also take screen shots of its test stages. CircleCI also integrates into HipChat to warn the subscribed users of any failed tests.

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