Preview Troubleshooting

Get solutions to some common problems that occur during the preview process.

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The Desktop Site is Showing Instead of the Mobile Site Version After Clicking Preview

URL Redirect Ensure that the Site URL that you entered does not redirect to another one.

For example, the URL redirects to the URL.

  1. If the URL that you originally entered redirects to another, go back to Mobify Preview at

  2. Enter the URL that your original URL redirects to into the "Site URL" form field.

The Preview is Lost on Refresh or on Page Transition

This problem occurs because the cookies and any other local settings are reset during refresh or page transition.

  1. Go back to Mobify Preview at on your development computer browser.

  2. Use the same settings as when you initialized the preview to reactivate it.

The Preview is Lost After you Open Developer Tools

When you open Developer Tools, the browser changes its user agent. This deactivates the preview.

  1. To resolve this, go back to Mobify Preview at

  2. Use the same settings as the ones that you used when you initialized the preview.

Resetting the settings to those initial values reactivates the preview against the new user agent.

Blank Page Appears After Clicking Preview

  1. Check if the page that you are visiting is served on HTTPS.

  2. If it is, click the shield icon in Chrome to accept the security certificate. This is necessary only once per session.

Security Certificate in Chrome

We recommend that you use Chrome for all your Mobify development projects.

Security Warning Appears After Clicking Preview

The security warning occurs when you visit HTTPS pages on Android phones.

To resolve this:

  1. On your device, open the web browser.
  2. Go to https://YourSiteURL:8443/adaptive.js (ensure that you enter the S in HTTPS before your site URL).
  3. Accept the SSL certificate.
  4. Also on your device browser, go to Mobify Preview
  5. Use the following settings:
    • Site URL: (ensure that you enter S in the HTTPS before your site URL)
    • Bundle Location: https://your.IP.address:8443/adaptive.js (also ensure that you enter the HTTPS before your IP address)
  6. Click "Preview".

Find your IP Address To find your IP address, follow the steps in the Identify Your Computer's IP Address section in the Preview your Project on a Device tutorial.

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